Your Team


Dave Nelson

Co-Founder of Lens Group Media, Dave believes in removing the clutter and confusion of the technical aspects of a production, to allow YOUR character and vision to become clear.


Stacy HArris

With 20+ years in the technology industry, Stacy drives the operational aspects of what it takes to start with an idea and bring it to your audience. It’s okay if you don’t know all the steps to develop a podcast, Stacy has the playbook ready to go.

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Troye is an audio editor based in Seattle, WA. While editing audio he is studying screenwriting and is focused on bringing authenticity to every creative production he gets to participate in.

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JD is an audio engineer based in Pärnu Estonia. He has been involved in music either playing or recording audio for 20+ years and over 4 years professionally as an audio engineer, composer and editor



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