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Podcast Production

With so many details to manage it can be helpful to look at the entire process in three main phases.



From field recordings to the studio, VOIP to phone calls and parties in multiple locations across the world, our team can help you decide on the solution that fits your needs.

This is where we capture and put a voice to your ideas.


Now that you have your audio recorded, you'll need to make it sound just right.

  • Are there mis-starts in the conversation and too many umms and ahhs?
  • Are there unwanted noises out of your control that made it into your recording?
  • Do you have music and standard introductions you need added to the final product?

Our goal is to deliver a clean, balanced and consistent product -- ready for your listeners.


How do you get the word out? What are RSS feeds and ID3 tags and embeddable players? You need to make sure that your listeners can access your content easily, across multiple devices. Not sure where to get started? We've got you covered.




Whether you have an existing show that needs help or you're starting from the ground up, we'll work with you to help you get to your goals. If there are parts you want to do yourself, we make sure your setup to handle it. And, we'll step in and take care of the rest.


  • Hardware recommendations, usage and configuration
  • RSS feed setup
  • Distribution platform configuration including iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, SoundCloud, social etc.
  • Hosting 
  • Show details; description, logo, music, ads etc.


  • Intro/outro, ad spots, music
  • Correct audio (plosives, mouth clicks, hum and buzz, bleed over, noise, hiss, echo)
  • 'Sweetening' (EQ, level balancing, compression)
  • Mastering, ID3 tagging, delivery
  • Show notes
  • Transcription services
  • Blog posting
  • Voice over



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