Tascam DR-40

  • This is what we used in class
  • Do not opt for the Tascam DR05, this does not allow for you to plug in the variety of external microphones/connections we discussed

Zoom H6

  • This is a great step up from the Tascam DR-40
  • More external input options
  • A bit easier to use, a bit more expensive

Wind Sock

$14.95 $17.95
  • Must have for portable recorders
  • The slightest wind can ruin a field recording
  • This will keep your outdoor recordings sounding great.


Audix OM-2

  • When you have control over the recording environment, moving beyond built-in mics on a mobile recorder will greatly improve your sound.
  • This is a fantastic entry level upgrade.
  • It is very forgiving since it rejects sound from the sides which is good if your recording space is not the best environment.
  • For about $6 less you can get the mic alone.

Audio-Technica ATR2100

  • Sounds good.
  • Can be used with XLR connections as well as a UBS microphone plugged directly into your computer.
  • When used as a USB microphone, you are limited to just that one microphone.

Movo LV-4-O2 Lavalier 

  • Lavalier Microphones to attach to the clothing of speaker
  • Great middle ground between built-in mics on mobile recorders and handheld microphones.
  • Will focus on the speaker and reduce room sound.

Closed back Headphones

  • Used to monitor what you are recording in real-time
  • Used when editing to hear small nuances like breaths
  • Sony MDRV6 is an industry standard. You can get less and more expensive, just be sure they're Closed Back Headphones


Breakout Cable

  • Used for getting audio from a cellphone or a computer for Skype or other VOIP calls.
  • NOTE this works for cell phones that are PRE-iPhone 7/8

Pop Filter / Windscreen

  • Helps reduce "P" sounds that can ruin a recording




  • This is what we showed in the class
  • Professional level functionality
  • Free trial - great buy price
  • Windows and Mac
  • http://reaper.fm


  • Apple iOS
  • Free/Preinstalled
  • Allows basic functionality


Class Audio Files

  • Here are the audio files we recorded in class
  • Feel free to download and practice editing
  • Note the differences in sound between Cell Phone, Tascam, and Studio audio
  • Podcast 101 Files on Dropbox

How to make basic cuts in audio using Reaper.


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